Our pedagogical platform

Innovative tools driven by educationl research
Visualising the learning process

Self-assessment and monitoring are at the core of our philosophy. We carefully consider our tools against their impact on learning and help learners to become their own teachers. Because we believe that lifelong learning is the ultimate goal.

Contextualized feedback

Feedback is among the top ten influencers on achievement. By providing a context of learners’ effort in relation to learning goals, we empower teachers and mentors to provide feedback that reduces the achievement gap.

Self-paced learning

We help learners develop at their own pace, gaining confidence in their progress, which is the strongest predictor for achievement.

Inquiry based learning

Good education requires skills like inquiry – identifying questions you need to ask of the things you are learning . Our tools have embedded the freedom to choose additional content, find more information and get guided through the process of finding out what you are looking for.

Peer learning and collaboration

Group discussion and peer tutoring are among top influences of achievement in effect on learning, even higher than feedback from a mentor or teacher. We help mentors facilitate learning and use engaging tools that get everybody together and share knowledge.

What we do

We share and develop visual tools that accelerate learning and collaboration
There are many paths to learning

We are all different and learn in different ways. Hitting the sweet spot for learning in a class environment or workplace has always been tricky. Our goal is to facilitate and promote the interaction between educator and students. Our core competencies are:

  • User experience and visualisation
  • Social Media and Games
  • Google Suite for Education


Core Team

passionate about education and technology
Fredrik Harloff
Fredrik Harloff
Chief Executive Officer.
Digital innovator and social entrepreneur. Fredrik has more than 20 years of broad experience in management, sales, software and business development in a global market.
Stian Hofslett Thowsen
Stian Hofslett Thowsen
Google Certified Teacher and test rabbit.
Stian has been busy working with international education in higher education. He was also responsible for promoting Norway as a study destination for international students. For the past four years he has been working as a teacher at a high school. He is a passionate educator, blogger, social media and football junkie.
Mihaela Tabacaru
Mihaela Tabacaru
Community Manager
System Thinker and Education enthusiast. Mihaela has a degree in Psychology, a Master in System Dynamics, and a few years research in using simulation models in education.
Edee Carey
Edee Carey
Social Communicator
Edee moved to Norway from the United States in August of 2010. She studied Speech Communication at the University of Georgia. She is in charge of developing and executing our communications strategy.

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